1 – Cost of Each Match

Each Team is required to pay match fees prior the start of the game.  Match fees must be given to Administration staff .

2 – Bond

Each team is required to pay a monetary Bond every season.  The bond is to be kept by Futsal Indoor Soccer on behalf of each team and will be forfeited to Futsal Indoor Soccer if a team does not turn up for a game (This replaces the lost match fee).  The following week this Bond must be replaced.  The bond is returned to each team at the end of a season or the team can offset their last match of the season and the bond can be used to pay the Match Fee. Alternatively the bond can carry over to the next season.

3 – Insurance

Each team is required to pay insurance at the start of each season.

4 - Fofeits

If your team is not able to play one night then please ring 0411 089 337 to advise.  The team bond will be used as match fees.  The following week the Bond is required to be replaced.

5 – Referees

All Referees are very experienced and are qualified Referees and they are also required to pass our in-house courses to enable them to Referee at a high standard.

6 – Age and Gender

All players are required to be 16yrs and over.  If the night is a mens only night  then women are not permitted to play.  We also have mixed futsal nights where a minimum of 2 women must be on the court at all times.

7 – How many players per team

5 Players are permitted on the court per team at any one time (this includes the Goalie) and a minimum of three are required to start the game.

8 –Uniforms and shin guards

All teams are required to have the same colour shirts (singlets are not permitted) by week 3 with player numbers clearly labelled on the shirt.  Fill in players are required to have a shirt of similar/same colour as the team they are filling in for or they must wear a bib.

All players (including goal keepers) must play with shin guards or they will not be permitted to play.

9 – Length of the Match

There are 2 halves both 18 minutes each.  Half time break is 1 minute.

10 – Team Sheets

Each team is required to complete team sheets clearly writing each players name and shirt number.  This is very important to ensure all details are correct as this could impact a players eligibility to play finals.

12 – Time of the Game

The match clock is started on time regardless of whether the teams are ready to play.  If a team is late the opposition will be awarded one goal every 2 minutes late. If a team is more than 14 minutes late a walkover will be awarded.

13 -  Substitutes

Outfield players can substitute at any time throughout the match.  The referee is not required to be notified.  Outfield substitute players must ensure the player coming off the court is clearly not on the field before the substitute player is allowed to enter the court.  This ensures that there is only 5 players on the court at any one point in time.  Goal Keepers can only be substituted when the ball is out of play.

14 - Injuries 

Each location will have a basic medical kit.  Although we encourage all teams to supply their own.

15 – Points awarded

Win – 3 points

Loss – nil points

Draw – 1point

Bye -1 point

Win on Walkover – 3 pints and 5 goals

Loss on Walkover – Nil Points and nil goals

16 - Final Draw

Semi Finals

1st  Plays 4th

2nd plays 3rd 

The winner of each game will play each other in the grand final and the loser teams will play for 3rd and 4thposition.

7 Trophies/ medals are awarded to all teams.

If there is a draw at full time a further 3 minutes will be played each way with the golden goal rule to help determine the winner.  If after the further 6 minutes then a penalty shoot out will apply.

17 - Discipline

Futsal Indoor Soccer uses Yellow and Red cards during a match depending on the severity of the offense.  

The discipline committee will issue suspensions and exclusions and will directly notify the team captain of any disciplinary action.

Futsal Indoor Soccer Management reserves the right to remove or ban players and or teams from the Competition league for behavioural and or financial misconduct at any time.

18 – Fill in Players

Teams are allowed to use a maximum of 1 fill in player per match from any team already registered in that competition to make up there 5 players. Fill in players cannot be used to allow substitutes

19 - Team Names

All teams are required to register a team name with Futsal Indoor Soccer.  Any offensive team names as decided by Futsal Indoor Soccer will be banned and a new name must be used.

20 – Insurnace

Futsal Indoor Soccer Recommends each player should consider having their own insurance.
For any insurance questions please contact Futsal Indoor Soccer on 0411 089 337 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

21 – Any matter not covered

Any matter not covered in FAQ shall be at the discretion of Futsal Indoor Soccer.

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