Rules are in accordance with FIFA International Rulings


Plus our own by laws as follows:

1. Kick-offs are in-direct and a goal cannot be scored directly from the kick-off unless the ball has been touched by another player on route to goal.
2 At kick-off the ball must be played forward.
3. There is a 4 second time limit on kick-ins, corner kicks, free kicks and goal-keeper clearance.
4. At the kick-in point, the opposing team must stand at least three metres away from the ball. Failure to do so will result in a Yellow Card to the offending player/players (at the referee’s discretion).
5. Players cannot play the ball whilst on the ground. If this happens, it will result in a free kick awarded to the opposition.
6. NO SLIDING TACKLES, the goal keeper is the only player who may slide for the ball as long as he or she does not use excessive force and they commence their slide inside their ‘D’. Nonetheless, if a sliding tackle is careless, reckless, or carried out with excessive force, it is a direct free kick.
7. There is no off-side. Players can enter the goal-keeper’s 'D' area and can score from any part of the court.
8. Goals can be scored directly from a corner.
9. Goal-keeper cannot leave his/her ‘D’ with the ball in his/her hands. If this happens it will result in a free kick to the opposition.
10. Goal-keeper may leave the ‘D’ in order to save the ball as long as:
A. He/she does not touch the ball with his/her hands
B. He/she starts his/her slide within the ‘D’ area.
11. Goal-keeper can throw the ball over the half way line on the full. A 'goalkeeper’s ball' must be thrown into play. Exception: if the ball has been a caught save, it can be drop-kicked back into play.
12. Goals cannot be scored directly from a side kick-in, it must be touched by another player on route to goal to be counted. The ball must also be stationary upon kick-in.
13. Dropped ball: If, while the ball is still in play, the referees are required to stop play temporarily for any reason not mentioned elsewhere in the Futsal Laws of the Game, the match is restarted with a dropped ball.


• Once a Team has accumulated five (5) fouls (in a half) a direct free kick will be awarded. A Goal can be scored directly from this free kick.

• The free kick awarded for five (5) fouls can be defended by a wall of players. (At least a five (5) metre distance from the free kick position).

• When a sixth (6th) foul (in a Half) has been accumulated, a free kick is to be taken from the 10 metre line in the offending team's half. In this instance, a wall is no longer permitted in defence of the free (direct) kick.

• The player taking the free kick shall kick with the intention of scoring a goal and shall not pass the ball to another player.

• Once the free kick has been taken, no player may touch the ball until it has been touched by the goalkeeper or has rebounded from the goal post or cross-bar.

PENALTY KICK & DIRECT FREE-KICK ON THE SIREN: A penalty kick awarded on the siren (marking the end of the half or the game) must be played. A direct free-kick awarded on the siren (marking the end of the half or the game) must also be played.

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